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Le Boudoir: Melbourne’s Best Brothel

Over the last 21 years we have learnt from experience how to ensure our clients have a wonderful time with our beautiful ladies. We try our best to ensure that we are the Best Melbourne Brothel and provide our clients with wonderful service, in a great environment.

Being a female owned and managed Brothel in Collingwood you are always made to feel welcome no matter what time of day or night you visit us.

We pride ourselves on always having beautiful friendly ladies both local and International Ladies who are ready to make your day or night a memorable experience.

Le Boudoir is one of the best Brothels in Melbourne, located only 5 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD. We have been operating from  the same Melbourne location since 1997.

Le Boudoir is one of the very few brothels in Melbourne that has only been operated and owned by a woman since it opened its doors. It was decided from the beginning that, our brothel would both look after the well being of the ladies and make it a truly classy establishment for them.

The Management of Le Boudoir is constantly striving to make our establishment Melbourne’s Best Brothel. We provide a clean and safe environment with the highest standards.

We invite you to experience time with Melbourne’s most elegant and lovely women.

Le Boudoir: Collingwood Brothel

Collingwood – the suburb we love

The Melbourne suburb of Collingwood has now become part genteel and part trendy in the 21st century. As one of the oldest suburbs in the city, its prosperity has risen like a phoenix out of the ashes of its blue-collar history. Collingwood has some the oldest and original architecture in Melbourne. There are old factories which have been converted into businesses, offices and apartments. Most of the old workers terraces have been gentrified by stylish renovations and the original shop fronts still line the main streets such as Smith and Gertrude Street.

 Its clear that money has been poured into Collingwood real estate and business is booming. Mixed in with the architecture of old is state government owned housing towers. These towers provide housing to assist low income earners and the mix of people who need housing services to live in the inner city. Some could say this mix keeps Collingwood real and vibrant.

The area pumps with live music venues, bars, clubs and restaurants and is a popular night spot for young professionals. Collingwood has iconic music venues such as the Tote Hotel where punk, grunge and indie rock is on the lineup of that’s what you prefer.  

The inner city is readily accessible by frequent and reliable public transport. The Melbourne Museum is a level stroll across to Fitzroy and St Vincent’s Hospital is close by.

If you like to take in a bit of art there are galleries and public works to see. It’s a suburb known for artists, musicians and creatives and social enterprise.  It’s also home to the Magpies Football Club. Go the Pies!

There is also great shopping, from DFOs, vintage stores, second hand and boutique fashion, body piercing and tattooing. You would probably get the most challenging and unique haircut from a Smith Street salon.

The great thing about Collingwood is the eclectic mix of people that live, work and stroll the streets. No one stands out from the crowd and no one blinks twice. Its easy to be discreet and blend in.

If you are visiting Collingwood for business or pleasure there is plenty of stylish accommodation within the suburb, from business-friendly hotels to private units.

Le Boudoir is a thriving business in Collingwood. We are set back from the busy streets in the light industry area away from noise. Our establishment has been here since 1997 and we have seen many industries close and watched Collingwood change over the years. We have remained a favoured service with our clients and our business has gone from strength to strength.  

Our operation is a high class, discreet and clean gentleman’s premises. Our ladies are beautiful and the best in the business. We are a licensed brothel with all necessary compliances. Our ladies are free agents and choose to work in the industry that pleasures you.

Worried about discretion? We provide undercover parking, so you feel safe and secure. We also protect your privacy with credit card or EFTPOS transaction. We never reference Le Boudoir in any of our transactions with you.

We are open from mid-morning to early next morning seven days per week. Whether you need a woman’s touch at the start of the day or a hot sexy night with a goddess we are a classy choice. So fellas, how can you resist?

We welcome you into our boudoir to relax and enjoy yourself. Let us give you a time to remember.

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