Frequently Asked Questions

Melbourne’s premier brothel

Women have operated Le Boudoir since opening the doors in 1997.  26 years of experience has enabled Le Boudoir to learn what our visitors like and enable us to operate as a preferable and discreet establishment.  Le Boudoir has long enjoyed an impeccable reputation of having some of the best ladies but also as one the cleanest premises in Melbourne.

For Clients

Who is a typical visitor at Le Boudoir?

If you’re wondering who frequents Le Boudoir, we can assure you that it’s a diverse crowd of individuals who appreciate quality time, excellent service, and a sensual ambiance. No matter where you are on your walk in life; no matter what your situation – we are here to take away your stress as well as provide a venue for a good time. Whether you’re looking for a romance or a casual night out of cheeky behaviour, Le Boudoir is the perfect place to indulge in your wildest fantasies in a judgement free zone.

Can I make an appointment to see a particular Lady at Le Boudoir?

You are welcome to make an appointment to see a particular Lady at Le Boudoir if you have previously spent time with the Lady you wish to see.

Do you have a dress code to enter Le Boudoir?

Respectful attire is all you need.

Do I have to remove hats, sunglasses and any face covering when entering Le Boudoir?

We are an indoor venue so no need for hats, sunglasses, and face covering’s.

Can I use my phone in Le Boudoir?

Yes, you can but you cannot have it out when entering, doing introductions with ladies or in the rooms.  Just like at the cinemas, you are required to have your phones on silent or turn them off.  Due to the nature of the business, compliance is a condition of entry.  The privacy of Ladies and other Clients is paramount.

Are there car-parking facilities at Le Boudoir?

We have private undercover parking available.

What to look forward to…

Do I need to make an appointment before I visit Le Boudoir and what hours are you open?

Absolutely no appointment is necessary to visit Le Boudoir. We are open every day of the week from 10 am. Monday until Thursday and Sunday until 1am And of course, on Friday and Saturday nights, we are open until late or very early for you early birds.

What do I do if I have not been a guest at your venue before?

Here at Le Boudoir, the Art of Listening is something we certainly pride ourselves on, and this effluence is from the heart of the proprietor right through management to our receptionists. Close your eyes and envision this with us now…

You make your entrance through our first secure door, simply look to your left, and see the second door with a doorbell to the right side of the door. You ring the doorbell, and our receptionist will open the black door that adorns the entrance into Le Boudoir. The Receptionist will exclusively walk you through to our high-class lounge area, to chairs that will make you feel like royalty. Ladies will be alerted that you are here to meet them and will then come and introduce themselves to you.  After pleasantries, this is your time to ask the ladies about anything special you would like in your time with them and then the ladies will explain to you what their services are.  Listen carefully as each lady will speak about their own individual service.  This is also the time to ask as many questions as you like.  Remember it is important that everything is done with consent. You will once again be seen by the Receptionist who will then organise the booking for you from there.

Alternatively, if you do not find that spark with one of the ladies you have had an introduction with, it definitely does not mean your dream girl is not here. You can ask our proficient receptionist to recommend a lady that may be available at an alternative time or day. The Receptionist will try their best to find someone that is the type of Lady you are looking for and let you know when that Lady has reserved time on our schedule.  Please Remember you are not under any obligation to stay at that time and welcome back anytime.

Why is an introduction important?

Just as when you meet anyone for the first time, you introduce yourself and ask about one another to get to know each other a little; it is the same here at Le Boudoir. Unlike other venues where you would pick a girl out of a line up, and suddenly find out in the room that she may not provide the service you are after or even worse you don’t even get along, that is why the introduction is SO important.

Thus, introductions are invaluable not only for the ladies but also for you! During an introduction you get to say hello and find out the ladies name (which is very helpful when telling reception who you would like to stay with). You also can find out what each of the ladies services are and have the opportunity to express what you desire and if the lady is open to making these dreams come true.

What if I would like to book one of the ladies after the introduction?

After you have met one of the lovely ladies and you would like to make a booking in one of our remarkable rooms, the Receptionist will then assist you further.

Can I make a booking by phone?

To make a booking with any of the lovely ladies here at Le Boudoir you simply can call 9415-8055 and make enquiries with reception or come into our charming Collingwood venue to meet the ladies and book there. Unfortunately, we do not take online bookings yet but may plan too someday. 🙂 T&C’s apply.

Handy hints!

If you are planning on a visit to Le Boudoir and you are wondering the right way to conduct yourself, here are a few simple guidelines to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable time:

Be kind

Have an attitude of gratitude

Always show respect

Communication is key

Safety is sexy



Where can I find the rates?

You can find information about rates here.

What does my payment to Le Boudoir include?

Le Boudoir is a legal business that provides luxury, 5-star Room Hire with facilities that have recently been renovated and refurbished.  All linens, towels, pillows, and decor are consistently upgraded with only the finest quality merchandise.

What types of payments are acceptable?

We have a variety of ways to pay at Le Boudoir:

  • Cash
  • Eftpos & Credit Card (fees apply)
  • Smartphone (providing of course you have the tap & pay function activated.)

*American Express and Diners Club are unfortunately not accepted*


Do You have an ATM?

We do have an ATM conveniently located in the reception area which makes no reference to Le Boudoir for your discretion and privacy.



Is Le Boudoir mentioned on any Transaction Records?

All billing is discrete, and your confidentiality is assured with no reference to Le Boudoir at all when using Eft and ATM services. Also, for your discretion we do not reveal the billing company name to the general public.



Our Ladies

What kind of Ladies could I potentially anticipate at Le Boudoir when I visit?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” In saying that, we all have our own personal vision of what the perfect woman may be.  Rest assured there is a wide variety of ladies to choose from and as we regularly have new ladies that are experienced in the industry, we also attract new ladies that have not previously been a Sex Worker.  If you don’t find the lady you connect with, you are welcome back any time to meet other ladies.

Are the descriptions provided online or over the phone authentic & honest of the ladies at Le Boudoir?

Without question, YES. Le Boudoir ensures all Receptionists, and our Media Management are well acquainted with the gorgeous ladies at Le Boudoir and have encountered each personally.

How do I find out who is at Le Boudoir today?

See our Who is at Le Boudoir today page here and that will take you to our current schedule or you can check ‘X’ for updates.

When do Ladies provide services at Le Boudoir?

Some of the ladies visit more often and choose similar days and times to be here.  Others it is when they are available to have cheeky, discreet liaisons with you. For the ladies this is a fun, exciting and a side-adventure to their regular lives as they may have full time careers, uni and/or busy personal lives, just like yourself.  At the end of the day, life as you know is unpredictable and sometimes arrangements have to be adjusted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Simply call us or check  check ‘X’ for updates, for live updates.

Why do the ladies hide their faces in photos?

Just as our incredible clients mostly prefer discretion, so do some of the ladies.  At   Le Boudoir we understand the value of discretion and privacy is paramount. There are a variety of reasons ladies choose not to be identifiable and that is why the ladies descriptions page will show some ladies with photos of likeness, and other ladies with authentic photos of themselves.


Are Ladies employed by Le Boudoir?

No – ladies are Independent Workers and are engaged by the Client to provide services that are mutually agreed upon in the introduction.

Fees to Ladies for all service and fantasy requests are paid directly to the Ladies by the Client.


Finding Us

How do I find you?

We are located in the glorious Victorian city of Melbourne, right in the historic streets of Collingwood.  We are tucked away at the very well-established (almost 30 years to be precise) Melbourne location at 81 Rokeby Street, Collingwood with a private entrance on Waterloo Road.  Waterloo Road is entered from Wellington Street, Collingwood and is just before or after depending on the direction you are coming from, the intersection of Wellington and Langridge Streets.

If you require more precise details whether you are travelling by Car, Metro PTV services (train, bus or tram) or by taking a simple stroll, we invite you to discover what Melbourne’s Finest Brothel is all about.

Do you have a Private Car Park?

Yes, please call 9415-8055 reception for the address.




Does Le Boudoir have a Membership program?

Coming soon…

Security & Privacy

Can I use my phone in Le Boudoir?

Yes, you can but you cannot have it out when entering, doing introductions with ladies or in the rooms.  Just like at the cinemas, you are required to have your phones on silent or turn them off.  Due to the nature of the business, compliance is a condition of entry.  The privacy of Ladies and other Clients is paramount.

Is there security at Le Boudoir?

We do have security around and throughout Le Boudoir for everybody’s safety.


Are my identity and details kept private?

They most definitely are and infact most clientele do not use their real names, so we have no idea of your true identity.  Discretion is a guarantee from Le Boudoir and the ladies as is the same respectfully expected of you.

Alcohol & Drugs

Can I bring Drugs into Le Boudoir?

No, drugs are illegal.

Is Alcohol allowed on the premises?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a liquor license.

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