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Hi lovers have a good day & have fun. Freedom! freedom!freedom!!!! #goodday #GirlPower #OpenUp #BestBrothel… https://t.co/GpuNKHnYdd
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We wish our wonderful Girls and clients a happy weekend. #goodmorning #LiftRestriction #FridayVibes #BestBrothel… https://t.co/IQZzFA26DX
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RT @FatherBob: 87 Today,celebrating my Birthday alone as many do. One Birthday wish @ScottMorrisonMP @DanielAndrewsMP.For everyone to get o…
RT @CaraErin1: Woohoo every one a step towards opening up, thank you to ALL health staff involved 💋 you peeps are the best! Thanks to every…

we are closed now!

We are closed as per Victorian Govt. directions.
We will update you when further Govt. directions are advised. In the meantime - stay safe, Mask up 😷 & we will see you soon!

LB 💋