Melbourne’s Best Brothel

Le Boudoir: Melbourne’s Best Brothel

Le Boudoir of Melbourne has worked hard to have an excellent name in the Adult Industry. We are known to be fair but at the same time we have high standards. Our ladies do their very best to make sure each client that has the pleasure of their company is treated with respect and receives outstanding service. Le Boudoir of Melbourne Management requires that Gentlemen who make a booking with any lady shows the respect that every lady deserves. Roughness or rudeness is not something that the Management of Le Boudoir of Melbourne will not tolerate from any client.

Le Boudoir of Melbourne  prides itself as a very safe and secure Brothel and provides a happy environment to work in. Le Boudoir of Melbourne provides at no expense to the ladies a very experienced lady to give full training to every lady that is entering the industry.

Le Boudoir of Melbourne has clients from all over the world with a high amount returning if when they visit Melbourne again.

Le Boudoir was opened in 1997 over 20 years ago. The lady that is the Licensee and owner has had involvement with the industry for over 30 years. She was among the founding members of the Adult Entertainment Industry and one of the first Legal Brothel owners in Victoria.

The ladies that have chosen to be Sex Workers at Le Boudoir enjoy a higher fee for their service from the client than they receive at most other establishments in Melbourne.

Le Boudoir is in the Business of Entertainment. We give excellent customer service, come in and treat yourself and enjoy excellent membership rewards.

About Le Boudoir’s Memberships

Becoming a member of Le Boudoir of Melbourne only requires you to make a booking with a lady, there is no need to reach the usual 10 bookings to see the benefit of becoming a Member of Le Boudoir. You will receive a substantial reward on your 6th booking. Le Boudoir of Melbourne you don’t have to carry any tell tail evidence with you all Le Boudoir of Melbourne requires is a first name. Everything is discretely held at Le Boudoir of Melbourne in order to receive your discount.

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